Anthropology Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Anthropology

Find out what makes humans tick with this online bachelor's in anthropology. Use an evolutionary lens to learn about our biological, social, economic, and cultural world.

Earn your bachelor's in anthropology online

Discover how an anthropology bachelor's degree can enhance your employment marketability, and how far-reaching a career in anthropology really is. Become an asset in nearly any industry by developing an understanding of cultural differences, skills to work with underserved populations, and tools to think critically about the world around you. Colorado State University's online anthropology degree brings together the arts and sciences, teaching you important concepts from the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

Broaden your understanding of humans and cultural differences

Through a curriculum built on cultural relativism, this online bachelor of arts program will teach you how to keep your own experiences from influencing your perception of other cultures, and give you a thorough understanding of humans' place in our natural world. Learn about:

  • People and their cultures (past and present), and gain an awareness of social, political, economic, and environmental systems.
  • The similarities and differences that characterize human societies in the world, and key theoretical ideas that anthropologists use to comprehend these.
  • The relationship between theory, methods, and data.
  • Cultural differences, and how to identify gaps in services for organizations serving minority cultures.

"This program has benefited my career as an ESL teacher. By studying anthropology, I'm learning about where my students are from and their cultural backgrounds. I'm also learning how to engage and better understand other cultures, even cultures I don't have a substantial background in."

— Zach Lindsey, online anthropology student

Can I still take advantage of hands-on learning opportunities?

Yes! Unique to this online bachelor's in anthropology is the option for students to attend one of three summer field schools in person. These experiences are not required, but are a valuable, hands-on addition to the knowledge gained in your online learning.

  • Paleontology Field School
    Greybull, Wyoming (Big Horn Basin)
    Identify fossil localities, map sections, and help with primary data collection.
  • Archeology Field School
    Various locations in Northern Colorado
    Focus on high altitude locations and establish connections from mountain to plains, pre-history to history.
  • Ethnographic Field School
    Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota
    Work with one of three local communities on economic development projects.

Choose a degree minor

In addition to earning an anthropology degree, online students have the option to broaden their area of expertise by adding a degree minor. Topics of study range from business to social sciences to liberal arts. Choose from:

  • Agricultural Business
  • Business Administration
  • Creative Writing
  • Economics
  • Gerontology
  • Global and Environmental Sustainability
  • Interdisciplinary Global Studies
  • Media Studies
  • Political Science
  • Sociology

What Next?

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