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ANTH 375 - Evolution of Primate Behavior

  • 3 credits
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This course examines primate social behavior in a comparative context, with a focus on how primate models may inform our understanding of human evolution.


ANTH 120 (Human Origins and Variation) or BZ 110 (Principles of Animal Biology) or Attributes of Living Systems

Textbooks and Materials

Section 801


  • The Evolution of Primate Societies (2012)
    J.C. Mintani, J. Call, P.M. Kappeler, R.A. Palombit and J.B. Silk (eds.)
    ISBN: 978-0226531724
  • Our Inner Ape (2005)
    Frans De Waal
    ISBN: 978-1594481963

Textbooks and materials can be purchased at the CSU Bookstore unless otherwise indicated.


Melissa Raguet-Schofield

Melissa Raguet-Schofield is an instructor in the Department of Anthropology at CSU. Her discipline is biological anthropology, and her research focuses on primate behavioral ecology, life history, maternal investment, and gut microbiome.