JTC 316 - Multiculturalism and the Media

  • 3 credits
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Media and multiculturalism with emphasis on race, ethnicity, and other protected groups. Sophomore standing. Credit not allowed for bothJTC 316 and ETST 316 (Multiculturalism and the Media).


None. Credit not allowed for both JTC 316 and ETST 316.


Linnea Ward
Linnea Ward


Linnea Ward is an instructor and Ph.D. Candidate with CSU's Department of Journalism and Media Communication. She earned her B.A. in Communication Studies from Grove City College and M.A. in Communication Studies from Colorado State University. Her research centers on media selection and usage, instructional communication, and interpersonal communication. She also has professional experience in instructional design (with a particular emphasis in online learning), human resources, and technical communication.