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CS 445 - Introduction to Machine Learning

  • 4 credits

Fundamental concepts and methods of computational data analysis, including pattern classification, prediction, visualization, and recent topics in deep learning.
Sophomore standing. Must register for lecture and laboratory. Sections may be offered: Online. Credit allowed for only one of the following: CS 445, CS 480A3, or DSCI 445.


CS 165 (CS2 Data Structures); CS 345 (Machine Learning Foundations and Practice) or DSCI 235 (Data Wrangling) and DSCI 445 (Statistical Machine Learning); DSCI 369 (Linear Algebra I) or MATH 229 (Matrices and Linear Equations) or MATH 369 (Linear Algebra I). Credit not allowed for both CS 445 and CS 480A3


Nikhil Krishnaswamy