CS 345 - Machine Learning Foundations and Practice

  • 3 credits

Machine learning algorithms and tools for predictive modeling presented using case studies that inform their use in real-world applications. Credit not allowed for both CS 345 and DSCI 445 (Statistical Machine Learning).


CS 165 (CS2 - Data Structures) with a C or better; CS 152 (Introduction to Programming (CS0-Python)) with a C or better or CS 220 (Discrete Strutures and their Applications) with a C or better and STAT 301 (Introduction to Applied Statistical Methods) with a C or better or STAT 307 (Introduction to Biostatistics) with a C or better or STAT 315 (Intro to Theory and Practice of Statistics) with a C or better.


J. Ross Beveridge
J. Ross Beveridge

(970) 491-5877 | ross@cs.colostate.edu

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