ACT 205 - Fundamentals of Accounting

  • 3 credits

Our central objective is an understanding of the role of financial accounting information in business. Students will be able to:
• Identify how the economic events that occur throughout the business cycle of an organization are reflected in financial statements.
• Apply financial accounting measurement and recording techniques.
• Define basic accounting terms and prepare financial statements
• Analyze basic financial statements
• Identify information used by investors and business managers to make business decisions.
Through achieving these learning objectives, students will be prepared to integrate basic accounting knowledge into other areas of business and into more advanced accounting topics.

This course consists of 12 chapters to reinforce understanding of the concepts. Assignments throughout the class will help students understand topics and apply the principles of accounting.

This course requires the use of electronic proctoring through ProctorU, please see for detailed instructions.  For students requiring accommodations, please contact Resources for Disabled Students (RDS); for consideration of exceptions outside the scope of RDS, please contact the University Testing Center.


For nonbusiness majors. Credit not allowed for both ACT 205 and ACT 210.

Important Information

A hard copy of the textbook is not required. A Connect access code is required for homework. Connect includes an electronic copy of the required textbook

Required materials may be purchased at the locations below.

- CSU Bookstore: Softcover and online access code to ConnectPlus software required for homework. ISBN: 9781259821295

- CSU Bookstore: Access code only to the e-book,

ISBN: 9781259730924

CSU Bookstore: softcover text. ISBN: 9781259307959

- Any retail outlet: Hardcover. Ensure that you receive the online access code to ConnectPlus required for homework.

McGraw-Hill: Connect access code can be purchased when accessing the course in Connect. An optional hard copy textbook is available for an additional charge.

Textbooks and Materials

Textbooks and materials can be purchased at the CSU Bookstore unless otherwise indicated.


  • Financial Accounting, Making the Connection, 4th Ed.
    Spiceland, Thomas & Herrmann (Textbook publisher McGraw-Hill)
    ISBN: 9781259307959


Falene Young