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ANTH 492A - Seminar - Archaeology: Gender and Archaeology

  • 3 credits

ANTH 492A is a Seminar in Archaeology. In this seminar, we will be examining the topic of gender and archaeology and the ways in which gender can influence interpretations of sites. This is not a course dedicated only to women or feminism. Instead, we wil consider men and intersex individuals as well as women. We will examine gender as a broader topic, as well as ways in which it can contribute to invesigations into subjects such as labor division, subsistence strategies, engendering children and artistic expression. We will also look at how different cultures across the globe defined gender and how this definition appears in the archaeological record.


Six credits of anthropology

Textbooks and Materials

Section 801


  • Ancient Bodies, Ancient Lives: Sex, Gender, and Archaeology (2008)
    Joyce, Rosemary A.
    ISBN: 978-0500287279
  • Identity and Subsistence: Gender Strategies for Archaeology (2007)
    Nelson, Sarah Milledge (ed.)
    ISBN: 978-0759111158
  • Gender in Archaeology: Anaylzing Power and Prestige, 2nd Ed. (2004)
    Nelson, Sarah Milledge
    ISBN: 978-0759104969

Textbooks and materials can be purchased at the CSU Bookstore unless otherwise indicated.