HDFS 402 - Couple and Family Studies

  • 3 credits

This course examines theory and research concerning couple and family processes. This course also examines social contexts in which couples and families change over time.

Course Learning Objectives

• Synthesize knowledge of theory and empirical research relevant to couple and family processes.
• Construct an understanding of how couples and families change over time in a variety of social contexts.
• Evaluate and interpret information related to couple and family theories and research from a variety of sources.
• Exhibit effective written and oral communication skills related to couple and family studies, including use of technology for presentations.
• Compare, contrast, and synthesize multiple points of view related to couple and family issues.
• Implement effective collaboration, problem solving, and goal setting skills.
• Exhibit professional ethics, conduct, and presentation.

This course requires the use of electronic proctoring through ProctorTrack, please see http://www.online.colostate.edu/current-students/proctoring.dot for detailed instructions.  For students requiring accommodations, please contact Resources for Disabled Students (RDS); for consideration of exceptions outside the scope of RDS, please contact the University Testing Center.

This course can be applied towards:


HDFS 334 (Family and Parenthood Across the Life Cycle); completion of 60 credits.

Important Information

All prerequisites must be completed or consent from the instructor given prior to enrollment.

This course requires that all exams be proctored (see CSU Online website for proctoring options).

If you register for this course after the start of the term, please contact the instructor at the time of registration. By contacting the instructor, you ensure you are added to the CANVAS section as soon as possible and have access to the course and details about the class requirements.

Textbook and Materials

Textbooks and materials can be purchased at the CSU Bookstore unless otherwise indicated.


  • Exploring Family Theories, 4th Ed. (2016)
    Smith, Suzanne R. and Hamon, Raeann
    ISBN: 978-0190297268


  • Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Ed. (2010)
    American Psychological Association
    ISBN: 978-1433805615

There will be additional selected readings posted on Canvas.


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Ashley Harvey

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