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AREC 461A - Study Abroad--Italy: Economics of the Renaissance in Modern Italy

  • 3 credits

The historical and current economics of agriculture and natural resources in Florence, Tuscany and Italy. Focus on (1) The role of culture, creativity and place in economic development; (2) Italian culture in general; (3) the economic and political history of Florence; and (4) the production, markets and economic importance of culture and natural resource-based industries in central Italy. Sophomore standing. This is a partial semester course. Required field trips. Credit not allowed for both AREC 461A and AREC 482B (Study Abroad--Italian Culture: Economics of Food and the Environment).


AREC 202/ECON 202 (Agricultural and Resource Economics) or ECON 202/AREC 202 (Principles of Microeconomics)


Andrew F. Seidl

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