LSPA 345 - Business Spanish

  • 3 credits

Business Spanish (LSPA 345) is an upper-division Spanish course. The purpose of the course is to increase the student’s ability to use Spanish in a functional way. The student will acquire the proper vocabulary to communicate in the business world and will develop knowledge and sensitivity towards the Hispanic culture, increasing the appreciation of customs and attitudes regarding commerce.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • write proper formal business letters
  • communicate by telephone in Spanish
  • create a marketing project for a Latin American country
  • create a proposal for sales in a Latin American country

This course can be applied toward:


LSPA 300 (Reading and Writing for Communication-Spanish).


Ana Fairchild

(970) 491-6051 |

Ana was born in Mexico City where she lived for 18 years before coming to the United States. She has been teaching at Colorado State University since 1990. Ana received her MBA from Regis University and teaches the Spanish business courses at CSU. She has also taught composition, Introduction to Literature, Issues in Hispanic Cultures, and the Advanced Communication classes.

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