AREC 305 - Agricultural and Resource Enterprise Analysis

  • 3 credits

This course is a good fit for anyone who is interested in understanding financial records and analysis for any small business. This course is also one of the foundations for
senior-level courses in the Agricultural Business program.

Students who successfully complete this course will learn and understand the underlying principles of sound financial analysis and how to apply this understanding to real-world
situations. This includes the ability to analyze past business performance as measured through coordinated financial statements, and to project future performance through budgeting techniques.

Successful students will be able to interpret and use financial records in business management. This includes developing and implementing records systems, generating and analyzing summary statements, and developing and using an array of budgeting and planning techniques for improved decision making.


AREC 202 (Agricultural and Resource Economics) or ECON 202 (Principles of Microeconomics); BUS 150 (Business Computing Concepts and Applications) or CS 110 (Personal Computing).

Important Information

Students must contact Dr. Frasier when enrolling after August 21. He can be reached at

Textbooks and Materials

Textbooks and materials can be purchased at the CSU Bookstore unless otherwise indicated.


  • Farm Management, 8th Ed. (2016)
    Kay, Ronald D.; Edwards, William;, and Duffy, Patricia
    ISBN: 978-0073400945

*Any edition is acceptable.


W. Marshall Frasier
W. Marshall Frasier

(970) 491-6071 |

Dr. Marshall Frasier's research interests focus on the interface between agricultural production and the natural resource base upon which it relies. Historically, he has done significant work in water allocation and water quality as they relate to agricultural production. More recently, he is expanding his emphasis in livestock and grazing management as consistent with his long-held relationship with Integrated Resource Management. Finally, he is developing an emerging interest in formal evaluation and development of curricular and extracurricular programs for undergraduate students.

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