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AREC 461B - Study Abroad--Italy: Food and Recource Economics

  • 3 credits

In-depth investigation of the food and natural resource-based economy of Italy through an applied economics lens. Economics and policy are used to provide insight into the integration of Italian culture and its principal food and natural resource industries. A theoretical basis for different resource management systems are presented including various methods of cost–benefit analysis, utility theory, property rights structures, government institutions, and cultural and ethical considerations. Sophomore standing. This is a partial semester course. Credit not allowed for both AREC 461B and AREC 482A (Study Abroad--Environmental Economics in Italy: Managing a Sustainable Global Environment).


AREC 202/ECON 202 (Agricultural and Resource Economics) or ECON 202/AREC 202 (Principles of Microeconomics)


Andrew F. Seidl

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