SPCM 350 - Evaluating Contemporary Film

  • 3 credits
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As seasoned spectators, most of us are familiar with the fundamental look, structure, sound, and feel of contemporary movies. Filmmakers rely on our familiarity with film form to craft movies that we are able to interpret and, hopefully, appreciate. However, most spectators tend to overlook - let alone question or analyze - how the phenomenal language, techniques, and conventions of film form actually function to make us laugh, cry, frightened, curious, aroused, shocked or even disgusted.

Also, rarely do we contemplate the historical background, political and economical influences, and cultural assumptions that help shape the films we watch. Therefore, through introduction, explanation, examples, and discussions of these elements, this course attempts to encourage a more informed, critical spectatorship of contemporary film.

The hope is that the knowledge and insight you gain through taking this course will result in a stronger awareness and deeper understanding of, as well as greater appreciation for, the movies you watch as well as cinema in general.


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