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SPCM 200 - Public Speaking

  • 3 credits

Fundamentals of public speaking emphasizing content, organization, delivery, audience response.

Audience requirements for each speech: Public communication is defined as “One person communicating face to face with an audience...public communication always involves one person communicating to an audience that is physically present" (Grice & Skinner, 2012, p. 9). Therefore, Colorado State University’s Department of Communication Studies requires the following for each speech in SPCM 200 Online:

  • A student must deliver each speech in front of a live audience consisting of at least 6 adults (16 years or older).
  • These adults must be seen on camera.
  • Ask one of your audience members to be the camera person for your speech.
  • When the camera starts to record, have the camera person pan around the room showing the live audience, then when the camera points back to you, you may start delivering your speech.
  • Have the camera person sit with other members of the audience. While you are speaking talk to your audience members as well as the camera, but do not solely stare at the camera. Make sure you are making good eye contact and facial expressions with your live audience in addition to the camera.

Suggestions for finding a live audience: Many students ask their friends and family to be their live audience for this course, which is acceptable provided audience members meet age criteria. Communities also have a local organization called Toastmasters you can join whose purpose is to practice public speaking skills; you might look for a local chapter and join for the semester. You may also ask classmates from other courses, coworkers, or members of your church or other community organization(s) you may belong to.

Audiences may vary from speech to speech or may remain consistent. You are welcome to contact your classmates in this course and gather together to be an audience for each other at a time and location that might work for all of you. A speech that is delivered with NO live audience shown in the video will not be graded and will not be allowed to be turned in late.

Textbooks and Materials


  • SPCM 200 Public Speaking Now (2023)
    Tom Dunn
    ISBN: 9781533953919
Students will automatically receive the book through the Day One Access program.

Important Information

Please note: As a public speaking course, this class requires the student to deliver each speech in front of a live audience consisting of at least 6 adults (16 years or older). The student must find their own audiences and evidence the audience by panning the room with the camera before each speech begins.


Beth Meyers-Bass
Beth Meyers-Bass

Elizabeth Meyers-Bass obtained her Master in Communication Studies here at Colorado State University, as well as a master’s certificate in women’s studies. Her passion is teaching. All of the real world experience she has obtained she makes a point of incorporating into the classroom so students are better equipped once they leave the university. She has lived in Fort Collins for the past twelve years, where she met her husband. Together, with their children, they love the outdoors. In particular, they enjoy boating, fly fishing, camping, swimming, rock climbing, and cycling. Beth looks forward to seeing you in future classes!