JTC 425 - Multicultural Communication

  • 3 credits

Identify, formulate and implement effective strategies in integrated advertising and communication campaigns to effectively connect with individuals of Hispanic/Latino, African-American and Asian descent as well as the LGBT sub-segments of the general market in the U.S.; consideration of the globalized marketplace and consumers across under-served markets internationally. Junior standing.


JTC 326 (Online Storytelling and Audience Engagement).


Tori Arthur
Tori Arthur


Tori Arthur is an assistant professor in the Department of Journalism and Media Communication. Her professional background is in television, digital humanities, and strategic communication. Her academic research focuses on the intersections of media, race and migration, digital diasporas, and the transnational mobilities of black people. Her course experience includes Multiculturalism and the Media, Media History, and Professional Writing. She holds a Ph.D. in American Culture Studies, and a Graduate Certificate in Ethnic Studies from Bowling Green State University, as well as a M.F.A. degree in Creative Writing from American University in Washington, D.C.

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