JTC 311 - History of Media

  • 3 credits
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CSU General Catalog Description: Media development, growth, trends within context of political, social, and economic change.

About the Course: Prospective communications professionals, media consumers and history buffs living in today’s highly interactive, digital world can benefit from insights about how oral, textual, graphic and electronic communications have evolved.

This upper-division course is open to undergraduates and graduate students in all majors as well as guest students. The class goes beyond a cursory overview of famous people and dates (found in most introductory mass media courses) to examine how communication has shaped the way people acquire, use and share information. In fact, today’s interactive, electronic media environment has roots in the emergence of books, newspapers and magazines, point-to-point communication, and broadcast media.

The course takes largely a social history approach, taking into consideration how political, economic, social and technological factors shaped how people communicated in the past and how we interact with others today.

Students will complete 3 essay exams (90 pts.), 2 short thought papers (20 pts.), and a class project (40 pts.) that allows them to delve into an aspect of media history of particular interest to them. The course is organized into 15 weekly modules that allow students to flexibly accommodate their busy schedules and pace their work. During the summer term, students have the option of completing all requirements in 8 weeks, or can take 10 weeks to complete the course on an extended, less frenzied schedule.

Topics (subject to change) include:

Unit 1 - Early Communications

  • Media in Today’s Digital Age
  • Origins of Communications
  • Oral v. Print Culture
  • Print Culture and Books
  • Early Information Sharing

Unit 2 - Rise of Mass Media

  • Newspaper and Magazine Publishing
  • Telegraphy and Telephony
  • Photography and Phonography
  • Mass Entertainment: Movies
  • Mass Entertainment: Early Broadcasting

Unit 3 - Modern Media

  • Computing and Mobile
  • Modern Print Media
  • Modern Broadcasting and Multimedia
  • Modern Entertainment Media
  • Topics in Media History

Important Information

Students are encouraged to order their textbooks in advance from the CSU Bookstore or any other online bookseller.

Course requirements and weekly topic are subject to change.

Textbooks and Materials

Textbooks and materials can be purchased at the CSU Bookstore unless otherwise indicated.


  • Communication in History: Technology, Culture, Society, 6th Ed. (2012)
    Crowley, David and Heyer, Paul
    ISBN: 978-0205693092
  • Writing on the Wall: Social Media - The First 2,000 Years, 1st Ed. (2013)
    Standage, Tom
    ISBN: 978-1620402856

All other course materials are accessible via Canvas, Colorado State's online learning system. Each course module is composed of short, easy-to-read online Lecture Notes illustrated with photos and embedded videos. Additional multimedia resources and review questions are provided at the end of each module. Course content can be conveniently viewed on your smartphone, table or computer notebook.


James Landers

(970) 491-2876 | james.landers@colostate.edu

Dr. Jim Landers graduated with a Ph.D. in mass communications from the University of Wisconsin. He also has an M.S. in journalism from Iowa State University and a B.A. in mass communications-journalism from Southern Illinois University.

Dr. Landers was an editor and reporter with the Des Moines Register & Tribune, the Milwaukee Journal, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, and two community daily newspapers. In addition, he served as editor/co-publisher of a city magazine in St. Louis.

Specialty areas for Dr. Landers include journalism history, computer-assisted reporting, specialty reporting, and communications law.