Veterinary Medicine

Online Veterinary Medicine programs offered through CSU Online

Veterinary Medicine Programs

Professional Development

A noted leader in veterinary science and education, Colorado State University's College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (CVMBS) offers a series of continuing education classes for veterinarians and veterinary technicians. This series of courses was designed by CSU faculty to serve veterinarians and veterinary technicians who are renewing their license and seeking professional development.

Graduate Courses

We also offer a number of online veterinary courses for academic credit.

On-Campus Programs

The College offers a variety of continuing education opportunities for veterinarians and horsemen. These programs are not managed by CSU Online. Learn more »

2014 Thought Leadership Webinar Series

Animal Rights as a Mainstream Phenomenon

Do animals have rights? Learn more about the rising societal concern regarding animal treatment, including opposing perspectives with Colorado State University Distinguished Professor, Dr. Bernard Rollin. Better understand the proof that animals improve human life as a rational, ethical basis for elevating legal protection for animals.

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