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Integrated Sustainability Management

Earn digital badges and a certificate as you learn to develop more environmentally and financially sustainable practices within an organization, and build an organizational culture to support them.

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Student Spotlight

Ophir Kendler

“I would say this degree is very convenient for anyone that wants to study for an advanced degree while working full time.” Hear how our online program allowed Ophir to balance his education with his life as an aerospace engineer, father, and business owner.

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Colorado State University makes its top-ranked programs and expert faculty available to students who cannot attend on campus with distance and online degrees, courses, and certificates. We are proud to offer regionally-accredited online degree programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels in a variety of in-demand disciplines, as well as online college courses and certificates for students who are not ready for a full degree program.

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Preparing for the GRE? Get Practical Tips from a Test-Prep Pro

Learn what to expect, what to study, and other useful GRE tips on our ValuED blog.

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Why Choose CSU?

CSU Ranks Toward the Top of College Scorecard

CSU has been called one of the top performing research institutions in the nation by U.S. News and World Report, and continues to climb in “America’s Best Colleges” rankings.

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What Our Students Say

Hear our students discuss their academic and personal experiences during the course of their studies in CSU’s online programs.


Education + Your Life

With only 24 hours in a day, and the majority of them already occupied by other responsibilities, find out how CSU OnlinePlus can help you fit an advanced education into the life you’re living.