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Introductory Discount for First-Time Registrants

Integrated resource management classes start the first week of February, and you don't want miss this opportunity to save up to 40% on your registration! Browse the curriculum to decide which courses are a good fit for you.

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Summer 2015 Courses Available

Keep your education moving with online summer classes. Registration opens March 24, and the Summer 2015 preliminary course listing is available now.

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Colorado State University makes its top-ranked programs and expert faculty available to students who cannot or choose not to come to campus through distance and online degrees, courses, and certificates. We are proud to offer regionally accredited online degree programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels in a variety of in-demand disciplines, as well as online college courses and certificates for students who are not ready for a full degree program.

From ValuED

Nontraditional Students are the New Traditional Students

People over the age of 25 will constitute over 41% of postsecondary students in the next five years; CSU's Assistant VP for Student Affairs, Jody Donovan, discusses the assets and challenges for these adult learners.

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Student Spotlight

Joshua Negley

Hear how the online biomedical engineering master's program allowed Joshua to pursue his ideal degree while moving around the world and raising a family.

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Hear our students discuss their academic and personal experiences during the course of their studies in CSU’s online programs.


Education + Your Life

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