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Free Online Courses Open for Registration

Back by popular demand, two of CSU’s original MOOCs, Science of Relationships and Exploring the Student Affairs in Higher Education Profession are open for registration.

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Student Spotlight

Judy Ortiz

“I had a unique situation when I was in school at CSU. During my second semester, I was diagnosed with breast cancer so I didn’t know if I could keep on track with my studies, my homework, my papers during chemo; I just had no idea how all of the experience was going to be for me.” Read on to find out how Judy Ortiz’s story ends »

Colorado State University makes its top-ranked programs and expert faculty available to students who cannot attend on campus with distance and online degrees, courses, and certificates. We are proud to offer regionally-accredited online degree programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels in a variety of in-demand disciplines, as well as online college courses and certificates for students who are not ready for a full degree program.

From the Blog

How Communication Really Works in Online Learning Communities

Just how effective is online learning when you’re not in a classroom full of people with your professor right in front of you? Read Greg Russell’s post about how online learning really works for some unique insight.

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Why Choose CSU?

On the Front Lines of Improving Education

As part of a group of universities leading the nation in embracing technology to improve learning, Colorado State University recently unveiled Unizin – a one-stop shop for digital education, flipped classrooms, online programs, badged experiences, and MOOCs.

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Watch as CSU OnlinePlus students talk about how our programs helped them achieve their goals with an advanced education that fit into their busy lives.


Education + Your Life

With only 24 hours in a day, and the majority of them already occupied by other responsibilities, find out how CSU OnlinePlus can help you fit an advanced education into the life you’re living.