Conducting Master of Music (M.M.) – Music Education, Conducting Specialization

Designed for secondary music educators, CSU's master's in conducting offers instruction in band, orchestra, and choir to immediately revitalize your classroom.

Study online to earn your master's in conducting

CSU's Master of Music Education with a conducting specialization enables you to study online during the school year and get hands-on conducting practice during a summer session on campus. Projects are customized for your particular teaching situation, so you are able to immediately apply the techniques you learn to reinvigorate your lesson plans with gained skills and knowledge.

Connect with faculty, musicians, and other music educators in on-campus summer sessions

Perfect your podium presence working with local professional choirs, bands, and orchestras, while receiving personal faculty mentorship. The annual summer conducting seminar includes hands-on workshop sessions taught by CSU faculty as well as some of the most prestigious pedagogues from around the country.

Unique to this program, you benefit from ample practice time at the podium, which provides you with immediate feedback from faculty and the musicians you lead. The curriculum focuses on developing your:

  • Score preparation
  • Baton technique
  • Rehearsal strategies
  • Suggested repertoire

Focus on music education in a customized curriculum

Refine your conducting techniques and learn to implement music education research, foundational principles, and analysis to enhance your effectiveness as an educator.

CSU faculty understand that each teaching situation is unique. The projects assigned in this program can be tailored to your personal classroom, allowing you to practice newly learned techniques and gain insightful feedback from instructors. The online Master of Music Education curriculum offers the flexibility to study from wherever you are during the school year and the opportunity to immediately apply what you learn to your classroom.

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