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Data Analysis Certificate Online

Earn your data analysis certificate online

Curious. Explorer. Creative. Problem-Solver. Working with data requires a lot more than simply being detail-oriented. If data analytics is a critical part of your daily decision-making, or you would like to shift your career into a data analysis role, then you likely possess a strong desire to know more and dig deeper into puzzling questions, have a knack for pattern recognition, and drive towards finding meaningful solutions. These attributes are applicable in nearly any field that uses large data sets to inform decisions.

Use your strengths to gain an advantage in your industry. This online data analysis certificate can help you develop the practical skills to collect, analyze, and interpret data to make better decisions based on strong statistical techniques.

Advance in your career with data analyst training

This data analysis certificate is designed for practitioners looking to derive answers from raw data, including "big data" sets, using a comprehensive range of statistical analyses and methods. If you're responsible for organizing and analyzing complex data, even if you don't have a statistics background, the online Graduate Certificate in Data Analysis can help you:

  • Learn to effectively collect, analyze, and interpret big data.
  • Use tools to examine data to find valuable insights.
  • Drive decision-making with relevant results and analyses that influence positive outcomes.
  • Gain the ability to interpret and communicate results to technical and non-technical audiences.

With a focus on the immediate application of gained skills to your current projects at work, the online data analysis certificate is tailored to professionals who may be working with data and statistics in any industry, including:

  • Natural resources
  • Environmental agencies
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Healthcare
  • Business & finance
  • Any industry where the analysis of data and research results are required

Learn data analysis methods and software

With a convenient online format suited for working professionals, students learn core skills and choose elective options to gain specialized knowledge specific to their educational or career goals. You will learn to:

  • Use modern data mining techniques to summarize data collected through surveys and designed experiments.
  • Perform statistical analyses on different types of data.
  • Communicate results using graphs, tables and other formats to a variety of stakeholders with varying levels of technical skill.
  • Use SAS and R software for statistical analysis.

The skills you gain in this program are portable across industries, wherever your career takes you.

Data analysts collect, process, and perform statistical analyses of large amounts of information. Depending on your training and level of expertise, professionals who work with data may be:

  • Mining data from various sources.
  • Cleaning data to prune irrelevant information.
  • Analyzing and interpreting results using standard statistical tools and methods.
  • Finding correlations and trends in complicated data sets.
  • Identifying new opportunities for process improvement.
  • Providing data reports and data visualizations to management and teams.
  • Collaborating with IT teams, data scientists, and managers on meeting organizational goals.
  • Problem-solving coding and data-related issues.

Study with faculty known for innovative research and applied problem-solving

CSU's Department of Statistics faculty are active researchers and practitioners in the field. Often sought by companies and organizations for their expertise, our faculty consult outside the university in order to help solve current problems that require innovative solutions. These real-world scenarios are then brought into the online classroom, so students learn the most relevant and current practices and techniques.

Collaborate online with other CSU students

Students who complete the data analysis certificate online receive the same high-quality education and credentials as students on campus.

Online students have the added benefit of a flexible schedule that allows you to:

  • Watch courses either synchronously or asynchronously. On-campus courses are streamed live and online students can join in if they want. Later in the day, a link to the recording is shared for students to watch at a time that works for them.
  • Work within the same discussion boards and on the same assignments together with on-campus students.

The Department of Statistics takes a "students first" approach to communication and makes every effort to work with students on their schedule to help solve roadblocks or problems.

Note: The Graduate Certificate in Data Analysis provides you with a solid background in performing statistical data analysis and is not intended to lead into the Master of Applied Statistics degree. To be successful in this program, you should have completed at least an algebra course and a statistics course at the undergraduate level. Learn more about our admission requirements and how to apply.

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