Communications and Media Management Master of Communications and Media Management (M.C.M.M.)

Gain access to the latest research on how current digital tools are shaping the future of internal and external communications. Study online and in the classroom to earn your master’s degree.

Study online and in Denver to earn your master's in communication and media

Communication technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. CSU's Master of Communications and Media Management provides a powerful learning experience for professionals who want to advance in a leadership role or transition into the evolving field of marketing and communications. Explore current and emerging media tools, strategies, and digital communications platforms in a hybrid program that combines face-to-face, classroom learning in Denver with online electives.

Learn to use media strategically

To manage communication effectively, it's important to know how to critically select, enhance, and integrate the ideal mix of digital media to define and connect with specific audiences for marketing, public relations, promotions, or health and safety communication. This media communications master’s prepares you to:

  • Understand the use, diffusion, and impacts of new communication technologies.
  • Manage traditional and digital communication tools in organizations.
  • Write and deliver content using digital media including text, photos, audio, video, and websites.
  • Use research tools to evaluate the effectiveness of technology, communication strategies, and media projects.
  • Implement organizational communication plans through strategic use of multimedia tools.
  • Use new technologies for media production and delivery.

Ethical decision-making as a media manager is a major program focus incorporated throughout courses. Ethical concerns in digital media and communication include the protection of employee and customer privacy, surveillance issues, data protection, and the use of blocking and email screening programs within organizations.

Creating successful digital communication strategies also requires understanding assessments and metrics. You will learn:

  • How real-time feedback is utilized by major media companies to track trends.
  • How to understand analytics for all major media categories.
  • How to decide if, and when, analytics can enhance your efforts.
  • How to make sense of the implications and opportunities behind the numbers.
  • How to present and utilize data to influence decision-making.
  • How to incorporate data visualization to enhance your messages.

Build a professional network as you collaborate in the classroom

The communications master's program uses a cohort model, designed for completion in six semesters. Students progress through the program in groups, providing strategic opportunities to network and problem-solve with peers during the program. Paired with a "student first" departmental philosophy and access to training resources such as, task-specific research, statistics programs, and databases, CSU creates a rich and supportive educational environment.

Take classes at the CSU Extended Campus - Denver

Once a week, students attend face-to-face classes with instructors at CSU Extended Campus - Denver. Each semester, students also select an elective course to complete online. This hybrid approach offers a convenient study schedule for busy professionals and offers experience in a media environment similar to those you may be managing after graduation, including collaboration tools used by global teams.

Gain technical skills with online elective courses

Elective coursework is taken completely online and allows students the flexibility to choose more technical or in-depth study topics that are most relevant to their interests or career goals. Topics include:

  • Corporate communication
  • Digital video editing
  • Public relations
  • Digital photography
  • Advertising and marketing communication
  • Writing for specialized magazines
  • Web design and management
  • Media ethics
  • History of media

Advance your career in any industry

Whether working in public relations, promotions, public affairs, marketing, advertising, web operations, or other digital media, there are opportunities to apply the skills learned in the program to nearly any industry. Organizations need qualified professionals to develop and implement effective communication management plans. Communications master's graduates with expertise gained in this program will be uniquely positioned in their workplace to meet these demands.

This program prepares you to shift from team member status to team leadership. The curriculum provides a broad understanding of current media channels and tools, including how to use those tools in the design of effective communication strategies. You will build the skills needed to take responsibility of managing campaigns, people, technology, and budgets.

Through the use of organization management case studies, innovative digital media research tools, and the development of creative strategies to leverage existing and emerging media technologies, you will learn to solve targeted communication problems for clients and employers.

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