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JTC 505 - Advanced Professional Writing

  • 3 credits
  • Online

To be successful in today's workforce, employees must demonstrate communication competence. Unfortunately, research consistently finds that writing skills, in particular, are lacking among graduates (e.g., Clokie & Fourie, 2016). To make matters more challenging, today's professional world is changing due to factors like technology, globalization, and an increasingly diverse workforce. These factors also are changing the types of communication skills employees must master.

This course is designed to be accessible to students from a wide variety of educational backgrounds. It provides students with an understanding of the factors that make contemporary communication competence so difficult to master. Students will study how communication theories provide today's employees with valuable tools for improving their own and their (current or future) company's communication competence with key audiences. Additionally, as students progress through this course, they will receive substantial feedback not only on their ideas but also on their writing quality. This is a writing intensive course, so by the course's conclusion, students should demonstrate improved writing skills.