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JTC 536 - Organizational and Commercial Photography

  • 3 credits

How can learning the fundamentals of manual exposure help you create strong storytelling images? How do your visual storytelling skills come into play when conveying the stories of commercial enterprises and organizations effectively? Embark on a comprehensive exploration of the art and science of photography in this engaging course. As the curriculum unfolds, we navigate toward the professional domains of organizational dynamics, commercial ingenuity, and the nuanced dimensions of aesthetic, artistic, and ethical considerations in photography. Immerse yourself in contemporary practices shaping organizational and commercial photography, aligning your skills with industry standards. As the course culminates, anticipate a sharpened photographic vision, refined storytelling skills, and a diverse portfolio showcasing your evolving capabilities.


This course is designed to help you:

  • Utilize advanced photographic technology proficiently to achieve specific image creation goals.
  • Generate assignments in Architecture, Environmental Portraiture, Organizational News, Product Photography, and Event Documentation.
  • Explore the importance of accurately portraying diverse organizational cultures, perspectives, and social practices through images.
  • Critically assess and discuss ethical and legal considerations in professional photography, identifying key decision-making principles.
  • Create a comprehensive portfolio featuring innovative images from course assignments, showcasing mastery of skills and creative vision.


Textbooks and Materials

Textbook(s) to be announced.


Jill Mott

A dedicated and passionate communicator, Jill brings over a decade of journalism and communications experience, spanning both national and international spheres. Her commitment lies in promoting lifelong learning while fostering the development of social, professional, and technical skills. Known for her interactive teaching style, Jill encourages discussions on current topics and inspires out-of-the-box thinking.

Jill's academic journey is diverse, encompassing coursework in Italian, Italian History, Painting, Sculpture, Jewelry, and Photography at Università degli Studi di Siena in Florence, Italy. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Photography from Syracuse University and a Master of Art in Art Education from San Jose State University.

Having spent two decades in newspaper journalism across various U.S. publications, Jill made a significant shift by taking her skills abroad. Combining her passion for visual storytelling with education, she founded Kids with Cameras—a non-profit dedicated to teaching children photography, communication, and art in Zimbabwe.

Actively engaged with numerous non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Africa, Jill seamlessly blends storytelling with community engagement. Bridging academia and the art world, her role as Communications Specialist at the Museum of Art Fort Collins allows her to infuse real-world applications into her classes. This approach exposes students to practical aspects of current technology, applications, and storytelling methods, showcasing the invaluable benefits of Jill's hands-on experience in the professional realm.

Currently resides in Fort Collins with her husband Patrick, their son Rafiki, and their pet squirrel Abu. When not behind the camera or in front of a computer, Jill enjoys paddleboarding, watching her son play hockey, and exploring diverse art techniques and creating art.