Computer Information Systems Master of Computer Information Systems (M.C.I.S.)

Online CIS Master's at CSU

Online master’s in computer information systems from CSU

Gain the tools to build or advance your career in computer information systems and keep up with the technology as it changes. This CIS degree program uses a cutting-edge curriculum in information technology, project management, and business systems to help you meet the demands of the fast-paced and challenging field of CIS.

Offered through the College of Business Department of Computer Information Systems, this program trains you in the methods needed to keep information flowing through organizations, improving efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability. You will be on the front lines of technology, keeping business operations running smoothly by managing databases, networks, and websites, or even training employees on how to utilize the most recent innovations.

The computer information systems master’s offers:

  • Excellent job placement: Nearly 100% of the graduates of this master's program are placed in the IT field.
  • High salary potential: CIS graduates have some of the highest starting salaries among majors at Colorado State University.
  • Flexibility: Study full- or part-time, with degree completion in as little as three semesters or with the flexibility to take up to 5 years.
  • Opportunity: Move into a new career or strengthen your position in your current career as the program is designed for both non-IT and IT professionals.

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