CIS 576 - Business Data Visualization

  • 3 credits

The increasing amounts of data that we are exposed to are simultaneously creating an increase in cognitive load. Visualization techniques are intended to aid in dealing with this deluge, serving as external cognition “amplifiers” that expand memory, ease comprehension, and support decision making. Note that though there are different uses of the term “information visualization” in different communities, for the purposes of this class, we will treat information visualization as the representations for concrete, abstract, medium sized and “big” data.

Students will develop the skills necessary to solve visualization problems and critique and evaluate current visualizations and systems. This material will be covered through lectures, readings, and a number of assignments or projects which will provide students with practical experience in the construction of visualizations. The course will require some programming/scripting work as analytics are often necessary prior to visualization. Students should be willing to work with and learn analysis tools.


CIS 575 (Applied Data Mining and Analytics in Business); CIS 605 (Business Visual Application Development).

Important Information

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