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CIS 665 - E-Business Application Technologies

  • 3 credits

Web applications development is a complex and rapidly evolving field. There are a myriad of languages, techniques, technologies and tools that can be used to design, build and deliver a wide variety of content, services and products on the web. This course will cover some essential and popular languages/technologies for web development, namely, HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP .Net and XML.


CIS 605 (Business Visual Application Development); CIS 606 (Application Software Infrastructure); CIS 610 (Software Development Methodology); Admission to the M.B.A., M.C.I.S., M.S.B.A., or M.E. program.

Important Information

Students may contact with questions about enrollment or eligibility to take this course


Leo Vijayasarathy

9704910607 | Leo.Vijayasarathy@Colostate.EDU