CIS 620 - IT Communications Infrastructure

  • 3 credits

Technical aspects of information communications, business considerations; wireless technology, architecture, and applications. Upon completion of CIS620, successful students will be able to (1) Describe, explain, name, list, identify, and recognize the concepts, components, and uses of operating systems / networking. (2) Demonstrate through hands-on activities the ability to set-up and trouble-shoot hardware and software for a computer network in Linux and Windows. (3) And, compare and contrast various approaches to networking, describe or identify tradeoffs to each approach, and explain or recognize ways to choose which type of network to implement in a given situation.

Non-admitted students are asked to contact Graduate Programs at or (800) 491-4622 to determine eligibility to enroll in this class. Those who intend to apply to the program in the future must be aware that credits can only be transferred in with a B or better grade earned.


CIS 606 (Application Software Infrastructure); admission to the M.B.A., M.C.I.S., M.S.B.A., or M.E. program.

Important Information

If applicable, active-duty military, veterans, federal, state and corporate employees must contact the College of Business to receive the tuition reduction code prior to registering for any classes. Reduction of tuition will not be given if you do not provide the code at the time of enrollment. Unfortunately, retroactive reductions are not possible.

Current students may call (970) 491-4612 or email

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