High-Impact On-Demand Learning Solutions Graduate Certificate

Earn an instructional design certificate online

As online, on-demand training programs become more prevalent, organizations need professionals who can leverage technology and research to effectively deliver online educational content to learners. This Graduate Certificate in High-Impact On-Demand Learning Solutions teaches you instructional design methods to help you create courses and programs that increase engagement, improve comprehension, and boost retention of learning materials.

Additionally, this program will help you:

  • Address growing competition in the marketplace and the need to deliver high-quality content quickly.
  • Find ways to increase content quality and enhance learning outcomes without significantly increasing development costs.
  • Learn how to continually track, evaluate, and communicate content effectiveness to stakeholders within an organization.

What is instructional design?

Instructional design is the practice of developing learning experiences and environments that facilitate knowledge acquisition. An instructional designer’s job is to make educational content more engaging and user-friendly, so audiences can learn more efficiently and effectively. To do this, designers must identify the existing knowledge gaps of a targeted audience, and create learning experiences to bridge those gaps.

What is high-impact on-demand learning?

High-impact, on-demand learning is an approach to building educational or training content using four primary asset types: audio, video, simulation, and conversation. These assets are the fundamental building blocks of consumable learning content. With access to content in a variety of digital formats, learners can retain, retrieve, and apply what they learn as they are learning it.

Experience the results of high-impact learning as you advance your skills

One of the best ways to learn is by experience, and this program demonstrates the principles of high-impact learning throughout the coursework itself. By flipping the training approach, this program will help you evaluate how you learn in real time, via a creative and interactive experience. Throughout this program you will:

  • Gain insight into human cognition and how people learn, retain, and retrieve information over time.
  • Discover how to build educational content that improves learning, engagement, and performance.
  • Use data analysis to inform real-time improvements to both content and delivery methods.
  • Learn to create an accessible pool of resources and micro-learning assets that have a long-term effect on user experience and success.
  • Effectively communicate and justify the value of learning solutions to leadership and other organizational stakeholders.
  • Enhance your overall communication and analytical skills as you become a stronger, more diverse instructional designer.

This program gives you the tools to manage these challenges by teaching you how to develop impactful content that is easily consumable, fosters positive learning outcomes, and drives results.

View the requirements and curriculum page to learn more about the courses you will take.

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