Systems Engineering, Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Systems Engineering

Online Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

Online Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

A multi-disciplinary approach to solving complex problems

As technological advancements and the rate of innovation continue to accelerate, a systems approach is required to address today's multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary challenges.

A complex system consists of diverse and individual factors, or components, that are interdependent and add up to more than the sum of its parts. That complexity drives the need for systems engineering as a formal discipline, providing both a framework and a rigorous theoretical underpinning for the design and management of challenges across industries. To solve problems within complex systems, engineers must utilize tools from a variety of fields including control systems, operations research, reliability and performance engineering, risk analysis, software engineering, and networking and security.

The development of systematic design and management processes, while integrating appropriate tools and requirements from all of the above disciplines, is at the heart of systems engineering. The online Ph.D. in systems engineering prepares students to work with multi-disciplinary teams and methods to solve complex problems in any industry.

A Ph.D. program for professionals

The online Ph.D. in systems engineering is a competitive program for working professionals, offering a flexible study format and applicable material. Students are encouraged to problem-solve current issues faced by their employers as part of their studies.

Designed for senior management and top-level executives, CSU's highly selective online systems engineering Ph.D. program only accepts a handful of students each semester to maintain the integrity and quality of the student experience.

Faculty expertise and applied research

Be a part of a community of engineers exploring the frontier of modern research, pushing the boundaries in the field of systems engineering. The online Ph.D. prepares students to become future leaders in systems engineering. As Ph.D.-level scientists in both academia and industry, you will contribute original research to the field throughout your coursework, driving advancements and leading to improvements in your area of focus for your company and the discipline as a whole.

Study with faculty who bring decades of experience in applying academic research to real-world situations, who are conducting groundbreaking research of their own that will help write the textbooks of tomorrow.

Learn from faculty with expertise in:

  • Aerospace and Defense (A&D), including research, system and technology development, and operations;
  • Systems architecture and engineering with emphasis on information- and software-intensive systems and enterprises;
  • Technical management, production, manufacturing, lean engineering, life cycle management, test and analysis, transitioning technology into manufacturing; and
  • Design and analysis of aerospace, energy, and automotive systems, design optimization, and environmental assessment.

Visit the Systems Engineering website to learn more about the faculty associated with the systems engineering Ph.D. program, and their research specializations.

What you will learn in the online Ph.D. in systems engineering program

In consultation with your advisory committee, you'll individually structure the systems engineering graduate program to fit your academic and research goals. Your Ph.D. experience culminates in a dissertation* which serves to heighten research and knowledge in your area of interest, and demonstrates a solid foundation of systems engineering theory and practice, as well as a multi-disciplinary understanding of systems concepts.

Topics of study include:

  • Information technology and project management
  • Systems engineering processes
  • Engineering risk analysis
  • Systems engineering architecture
  • Simulation modeling and experimentation
  • Dynamics of complex engineering systems

Review the Ph.D. curriculum.

The online Ph.D. in systems engineering offers the advantage of synchronous or asynchronous delivery, allowing you the flexibility to study when and where it works best for your situation, with options to:

  • Watch and interact online while the lecture is happening live on campus.
  • Watch a recorded version online after work or on the weekend.

*Dissertation does not require a campus visit.

Industries with opportunities for systems engineers

The online systems engineering Ph.D. prepares students for a wide-variety of careers in many industries, including, but not limited to:

  • Research and development
  • Systems engineering and optimization
  • Healthcare
  • Government/Military
  • Aerospace
  • Clean energy
  • Environment
  • Automotive

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