Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Education and Human Resource Studies – Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change Specialization

Hear Associate Professor Thomas Chermack detail how this online master's in organizational development works, and the key individual and organizational management skills you'll gain during your time in the program.

Earn your master's in organizational development online

Make an immediate, valuable impact in organizations of all types utilizing the latest research on change management, performance improvement, and human resources development. This program will help you produce viable solutions and move you toward becoming a strategic business partner in the companies you work with.

Become an effective manager, leader, and facilitator as you learn how to:

  • Analyze workplace issues
  • Diagnose the need for organizational change, then plan and implement that change
  • Enhance performance systems
  • Conduct performance consulting
  • Develop and implement workplace learning
  • Evaluate learning and performance interventions

Take a people-focused approach to organizational change

CSU's organizational development degree faculty teach a systematic approach to examining individual, group, and process segments within organizations, allowing you to produce highly relevant, customizable, and long-term change solutions for organizations.

With an interdisciplinary combination of sociological, systems, psychological, and economic approaches to performance improvement strategies, this master's in organizational leadership prepares you to apply foundational principles to:

  • Individuals
  • Teams
  • Systems
  • Processes
  • Organizations

Gain practical experience through coursework

Learn to address challenges involving employee strengths, interaction, and performance to build programs and deliver custom improvement interventions that help organizations function more effectively. Throughout your course of study, you will apply what you are learning to an actual organization and initiate practical solutions for a real-world environment.

Study online with industry experts and researchers

CSU faculty, known for both their research and industry expertise, teach to their specialties and share their wealth of experience in the online classroom. Each course provides opportunities for frequent and meaningful one-on-one interactions with faculty through a variety of mediums, including: video chat, online discussions, and email.

CSU also offers a Ph.D. in organizational learning, performance, and change.

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