EDRM 698 - Research

  • 1 - 3 credits
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This course is required for both the Organizational Learning Performance and Change (OLPC) M.Ed. and the Student Affairs in Higher Education (SAHE) M.S. degree.

OLPC Student Information:
Course Description: Directed inquiry in support of master's paper research requirement for student's degree.
Enroll in: Sections 801 or 802 for 3 credit hours unless otherwise indicated by your advisor.

SAHE Student Information:
Course Description: Research Portfolio is designed to assist you in gaining an understanding of the portfolio model and required components. In addition, the courses address requirements of the Student Affairs in Higher Education program, CSU Graduate School, and School of Education.

Students enroll in Research Portfolio four times as part of the SAHE curriculum. Contact the instructor (Paul Giberson) in order to enroll in section 800 of this course.

• Students must receive instructor approval prior to registering for EDRM 698
• EDRM 698 – Research Portfolio I (credit 1) taken during first semester in program
• EDRM 698 – Research Portfolio II (credit 2) taken after completing 15 credits
• EDRM 698 – Research Portfolio III (credit 3) taken after completing 27 credits
• EDRM 698 – Research Portfolio IV (credit 4) taken after completing 36 credits

This course can be applied toward:

Important Information

Section 800 is for students admitted to the SAHE program. Please contact School of Education Graduate Programs Coordinator, Kelli Clark, at Kelli.Clark@colostate.edu for more information about registration.

Sections 801 & 802 are for students admitted to the OLPC program. Please contact Coronda Ziegler at corondaziegler@colostate.edu for more information about registration.


Jennifer Knowles, Ph.D.
Jennifer Knowles, Ph.D.


Jennifer holds a Ph.D in Organizational Learning, Performance and Change from CSU’s School of Education. She has a passion for adult learning and has been teaching professionals for over 15 years.

She has extensive international organizational development experience and has been featured nationally for her recent work.

Her research interests include Women in the Workplace, Change Management, Organizational Leadership, Organizational Culture, Organizational Behavior, Traning and Development, Career Development, the Kaleidoscope Career Model, and Entrepreneurship.

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