EDOD 675 - Design, Develop, Implement Workplace Learning

  • 3 credits
  • Online

This course covers the basic theories of instructional design and adult learning, as well as the process of designing workplace learning interventions. You will examine and learn to apply instructional design principles, and critique and implement materials and facilitation skills.


Admission to the Organizational Learning, Performance and Change specialization or written consent of instructor.

Textbooks and Materials

Textbooks and materials can be purchased at the CSU Bookstore unless otherwise indicated.


  • Analysis for Improving Performance: Tools Diagnosing Organizations/Documenting Workplace Expertise, 2nd Ed. (2007)
    Swanson, R.A.
  • Hands-on Training: A Simple Method for On-the-Job Training (2001)
    Sisson, G.R., San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler

E-Book is available via CSU Libraries for Analysis for Improving Performance: Tools for Diagnosing Organization & Documenting Workplace Expertise.