Student Affairs in Higher Education Master of Science (M.S.) in Student Affairs in Higher Education

Hear from CSU's faculty about how you can gain expertise in higher education administration, communication, and diversity issues when you earn your master's in student affairs online.

Earn your master's in student affairs online

This online student affairs in higher education (SAHE) Master of Science degree prepares you for a career in student affairs through a curriculum taught by faculty who are both scholars and practitioners. Through the SAHE program, you will learn professional competencies needed to be successful in a wide range of settings on college and university campuses, including:

  • Financial aid
  • Admissions
  • Student activities
  • Advising
  • Residence life

Gain broad professional knowledge and experience

Through varied coursework and two practicum experiences, you will gain professional expertise that will help you succeed in an administrative capacity and increase your ability to manage, communicate effectively, and establish healthy and effective working relationships.

Topics of study include:

  • Theories, assessments, and evaluations related to student affairs practice
  • Cross-cultural and diversity issues within the context of higher education
  • How diverse student learning, developmental theory, and research are relevant to students' education and development
  • Current issues and practices in the student affairs profession

Expand your worldview

Diverse backgrounds and experiences enrich student affairs graduate programs, so CSU aims to include students from across the United States, and around the globe, from a variety of backgrounds — including recent graduates of bachelor's programs, current employees in entry-level student affairs positions, and those with years of higher education and student affairs experience.

Take advantage of career-building opportunities

Unlike many student affairs graduate programs, CSU is one the few in the country that sponsors a journal for graduate students. Learn how to write, submit, and publish graduate-caliber work that will increase your marketability in future career paths.

Rather than completing a thesis or comprehensive exam, you will complete a portfolio that showcases your reflection on practicum experience and your understanding of course material. Get valuable faculty feedback that integrates real-world experience and academic theory to help improve your practice.

Learn from experts in the field

Faculty in the School of Education have significant experience as practitioners working in the field of student affairs. By learning from and collaborating with knowledgeable instructors, you will gain access to evidence-based tools, strategies, and research.

What Next?

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