Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change (OLPC) Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Education and Human Resource Studies – Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change Specialization

Colorado State University’s organizational learning, performance, and change Ph.D. program in Denver develops both research and practical expertise, helping you understand workplaces on a deeper level and enhance them with long-lasting solutions.

Earn your Ph.D. in organizational development in a classroom setting in Denver

Develop the skills to improve organizational effectiveness, enhance your decision-making, and develop analysis and research expertise. Designed for working executives, researchers, and academics, the program offers the unique structure of bi-weekly Saturday meetings held face-to-face in downtown Denver.

Strongly grounded in organizational, strategic, and change management theory, the Ph.D. in Education and Human Resource Studies – Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change Specialization – focuses on a combination of sociological, systems, psychological, and economic approaches to performance improvement strategies.

Become an expert in organizational leadership and change management

CSU's renowned faculty, known for their research and industry practice, teach to their specialties in several areas, including:

  • Scenario planning
  • Systems leadership
  • Political, social, and relational aspects of the workplace
  • Socialization and onboarding
  • Workplace learning
  • Constructivist inquiry

Practical, growth-oriented activities are built into the curriculum to ensure educational relevance and applicability in today's challenging business and institutional environments.

Strong theory-to-practice models ensure that you will acquire advanced research competencies, the ability to manage change effectively, and the skills to improve the performance and effectiveness of your organization immediately.

Build your professional network

As a student, you enter the Ph.D. in organizational leadership program in a cohort and complete courses based on an established plan of study. The same group of students goes through the program together, offering a cohesive support structure and built-in professional network. The cohort structure fosters support and allows you to network with other students seeking to create and administer organizational learning opportunities.

What Next?

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