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EDOD 772 - Theory Building in Applied Disciplines

  • 3 credits

Theory building in workplace environments. Develop a theory and examine and critique existing theories.


EDOD 766 (Scenario Planning in Organizations); EDOD 771 (Social Foundations of the Workplace)

Textbooks and Materials

Section 722


  • Engaged scholarship: A guide for organizational and social research (2007)
    Van deVen, A.H.
  • Theory construction and model building skills. (2009)
    Jaccard, J., & Jacoby, J.
  • Constructing grounded theory: A practical guide through qualitative analysis (2006)
    Charmaz, K.

Textbooks and materials can be purchased at the CSU Bookstore unless otherwise indicated.


Tom Chermack
Tom Chermack

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Thomas J. Chermack is a Professor at Colorado State University in the Organizational Performance and Change program.

Chermack worked as a consultant with Personnel Decisions International for eight years leading efforts in training, change management initiatives, organization development interventions and high performance work team initiations. During this time he also began his path into academics. Chermack's research focuses on the process and products of scenario planning (an alternative to traditional strategic planning). This unique approach to planning was born at Royal Dutch / Shell Oil and is largely credited with the ability to anticipate and navigate fundamental market changes and shifts.

He has authored over 50 research reports, and his research has appeared in scholarly publications such as Futures, Futures Research Quarterly, Human Resource Development Review, The Academy of Strategic Management Journal, and the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies among others.