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EDOD 773 - Systems Leadership

  • 3 credits
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A systems conceptualization and approach to leadership and leadership development.

Texts/Materials below will be available online.

Lynham, S.A. (2000). An overview of a theory of responsible leadership for performance. St. Paul, MN: Unpublished dissertation appendix, University of Minnesota. (copy to be posted)

Kauffman, D.L. (1980). Systems 1: An introduction to systems thinking. Minneapolis, MN: Future Systems, Inc. ISBN on – ISBN-13: 978-996280511; and ISBN-10: 9996280519. Note: Also available in pdf format for free from


EDOD 771 (Social Foundations of the Workplace); EDOD 772 (Theory Building in Applied Disciplines or concurrent registration)

Important Information

Additional Required Textbooks:
Senge, P. M. (2006). The fifth discipline (revised and updated). New York, NY: Doubleday. ISBN 978-0-385-51725-6 (pbk).

Morgan, G. (2006). Images of organization (updated edition). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. ISBN 978-1-4129-3979-9 (pbk).

Textbooks and Materials

Section 722


  • Leadership Theory and Practices, 7th Ed.
    Northouse, P. G.
    ISBN: 978-1483317533
  • Leading Organizations: Perspectives for a New Era, 3rd Ed. (2010)
    Hickman, G. R.
    ISBN: 9781483346694
  • Good to great. Why some companies make the leap; others don’t. (2001)
    Collins, J.
    ISBN: 0-06-662099-6
  • The shadow side of power: Lessons for leaders. (2013)
    McLagan, P. A.
    ISBN: 10:1494980843

Textbooks and materials can be purchased at the CSU Bookstore unless otherwise indicated.


Susan A. Lynham, Ph.D.

9704917624 |

Dr. Lynham is an Associate Professor at Colorado State University and Chair of the Organizational Learning, Performance and Change (OLPC) Program Area in the School of Education.

She earned her M.A. degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of St. Catherine, Minnesota. Her M.Ed. and Ph.D. degrees in Human Resource Development are from the University of Minnesota, where she graduated in 2000. Susan has over 20 years practical experience in human resource development (HRD), with a special passion for organization development (OD), and has consulted and presented nationally and internationally in these areas. She has also taught at a number of academic institutions during her career, including the University of Minnesota, Louisiana State University, and Texas A&M University.

Susan focuses her teaching and research expertise in the areas of responsible leadership, scenario planning based leadership development, national human resource development, constructivist inquiry, and theory development in applied disciplines. She is an engaged member of the HRD scholarly community, both locally and abroad. As such she has served as an elected board member of the Academy of Human Resource Development, is the past Editor-in-Chief of the Academy of Human Resource Development journal Advances in Developing Human Resources, and serves on the editorial board of a number of core journals in the field.

A native of South Africa, Dr. Lynham enjoys regular visits to her home country—for purposes of both pleasure and work! The diversity of her background enables her to study and practice her field across a spectrum of national cultures, and contexts of complexity.