EDRM 704 - Qualitative Research

  • 3 credits

Examination of qualitative research theory, methods, and applications to education and the social sciences


EDRM 600 (Introduction to Research Methods) or program chair or instructor approval.


Gylton B. Da Matta
Gylton B. Da Matta


Gylton B. Da Matta Ph.D. is a sports consultant for elite national teams and lecturer for the International Olympic Academy. Dr. Da Matta has earned his doctoral degree in Sports Pedagogy/ Motor Learning researching Expertise Development in Sports at the University of South Carolina, Columbia in 2004. Dr. Da Matta is a member of the International Volleyball Federation technical development committee and is a member of the Olympism for humanities and Youth Olympic study group at the Youth Olympic Sports Academy in Fort Collins. Dr. Da Matta has successfully lectured on the topic of sports expertise in Singapore, Japan, Brazil, Portugal, Denmark, Spain and Argentina.

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