Facilitating Adult Learning Graduate Certificate

Online Facilitating Adult Learning Certificate

Earn your adult learning certificate online and gain facilitation skills

Enhance your ability to teach in your area of expertise. As a subject matter expert, you may have found yourself in a role where you are imparting your knowledge or training other adults, without having set out to become an educator. Teaching adult learners, whether in a professional work environment or in an educational setting, requires a different approach that involves facilitation and collaboration in order to meet learning outcomes. This Graduate Certificate in Facilitating Adult Learning was designed for professionals who are already in training and education roles and would like to learn the tools and strategies to improve their instructional skills in online, hybrid, or face-to-face learning environments.

Learn how to teach adults using guidance strategies

Facilitation is an art that involves co-learning between instructors and students in an educational setting. Accomplish distinct learning outcomes by implementing techniques such as:

  • Experiential learning
  • Self-directed learning
  • Teaching with technology
  • Collaborative and group learning
  • Project-based learning
  • Transformative learning

As a student in the program, you'll be connected to a faculty member to work with as you learn to engage these techniques to facilitate learning.

In addition to enhancing your facilitation skills, your coursework will prepare you to:

Influence decision-making

Conduct research and analysis work at your place of employment to understand organizational educational needs and communicate with stakeholders to gain their buy-in.

Use instructional design principles

Develop a new learning program using specific instructional design elements such as selecting appropriate technology, defining objectives, addressing diverse populations, and creating assessments and evaluations.

Apply theory to practice

Apply various adult learning theories and models to potential challenges you may face at work, and design and implement the solutions to address them.

Align methods with learning outcomes

Analyze methods of instruction (e.g., lecture, guided discussion, case study, nominal group technique, role playing, demonstration, simulation, etc.) and determine which ones best meet the learning outcomes for your setting.

Apply certificate credits toward a master's degree

This online graduate certificate is a companion to the Master's in Adult Education and Training degree. Nine credits can transfer into the program (with a grade of B or better) and can be applied toward the degree after formal admission per University transfer policies. However, successful completion of the courses or certificate does not guarantee admission to the degree program.

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