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Tuition and Fees (Fall 2015 - Summer 2016)

Colorado residency status is not a factor in determining online, distance, or off-campus tuition rates; however, residency status is a factor in determining tuition rates for some on-campus credit courses. Tuition assessed through CSU Online is in addition to any other tuition assessed by the University.

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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Agricultural Business $419 per credit
Economics $419 per credit
Anthropology $419 per credit
Fire and Emergency Services Administration $419 per credit
Human Development and Family Studies $419 per credit
Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts $419 per credit
Psychology $419 per credit

Graduate Degree Programs

Adult Education and Training (M.Ed.) $561 per credit
Agricultural Extension Education (M.Agr. or M.A.E.E.) $582 per credit
Agricultural Sciences (M.Agr.) $582 per credit
Applied Statistics (M.A.S.) $720 per credit
Biomedical Engineering (M.E.) $720-995 per credit
Business Administration (M.B.A.) $918 per credit
Civil Engineering (M.E. or M.S.) $848 per credit
Computer Information Systems (M.C.I.S.) $770 per credit
Computer Science (M.C.S.) $649 per credit
Conducting (M.M.) $530 per credit
Dietetics (M.S.) $530 per credit
Education Sciences (M.Ed. & Teacher or Principal Licensure) $585 per credit
Electrical and Computer Engineering (M.E.) $995 per credit
Engineering Management (M.E.) $848-995 per credit
Executive MBA $1,600 per credit
Higher Education Leadership (Ph.D.) $848 per credit
Industrial/Organizational Psychology (M.A.I.O.P.) $685 per credit
Mechanical Engineering (M.E.) $720-848 per credit
Kodály Music Education (M.M.) $530 per credit
Music Therapy (M.M.) $582 per credit
Natural Resources Stewardship (M.N.R.S.) $639 per credit
Natural Sciences Education (M.N.S.E.) $565-720 per credit
Organizational Learning, Performance and Change (M.Ed.) $633 per credit
Organizational Learning, Performance and Change (Ph.D.) $870 per credit
Social Work (M.S.W.) $559 per credit
Student Affairs in Higher Education (M.S.) $585 per credit
Systems Engineering (M.E. or M.S.) $995 per credit
Systems Engineering (Ph.D.) $995 per credit
Tourism Management (M.T.M.) $699 per credit

Colorado State University reserves the right to change tuition rates without notice. Tuition rates are subject to increase on an annual basis. All prices refer to U.S. currency.

Course Fees

Certain courses carry specific course fees for additional services and materials such as travel, equipment, room rental, and other miscellaneous costs.

University Fees

All University fees are assessed and collected through the standard student billing process. These fees should not be paid to individuals or academic departments.

Technology Fee

A $25 technology fee applies to all students taking credit courses through the University to help support increasing technological needs, improvements, and advancements. This fee is assessed each term the student is registered.

Facility Fee (on-campus courses only)

A $15 per-credit hour facility fee applies to students attending courses held on-campus to support the construction and maintenance of Colorado State University's campus facilities.

Sponsored Billing Fee

Companies or agencies (sponsors) who request to be billed for a student's tuition will be assessed a non-refundable $50 service fee per student per semester. Students always have the option of paying tuition themselves. Failure to pay this billing service charge by a sponsor will result in termination of future sponsor billing requests. Learn more about sponsored billing »

Student Fees

Students enrolled in academic courses offered at a distance or at any of our locations have the option of paying the on-campus general fees and receiving all the benefits associated with the fee. See the On-Campus Tuition & Fees for more information.

For complete details, students should contact:

Registrar's Office
Enrollment and Academic Records
100 Centennial Hall
(970) 491-4860

Summer Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees listed are for CSU Online students only. CSU campus students taking CSU Online courses will be assessed tuition and fees based on student type. For additional information, visit CSU Summer Session.

Residency status is a factor for determining tuition for a small number of on-campus courses listed on our website. Please see course pages for the most accurate tuition information. For residency status definitions, please visit the General Catalog, Financial Services section.

More Information

If you have additional questions about Tuition and Fees, please contact our Student Success Team at (970) 492-4898.