Tourism Management Master of Tourism Management (M.T.M.)

Degree Overview

CSU's online Master of Tourism Management degree helps you develop your business management acumen, enhance your knowledge of industry practices, and understand the social and environmental impacts of global tourism—so you can live the lifestyle that you love while working to create positive experiences for others.

Why Tourism Management Matters

Travel and recreation play an important role in shaping lives. A single excursion can change the way a person views the world. A successful company can boost its entire community's economy. The tourism industry as a whole can support the livelihoods of millions while providing countless others unforgettable adventures for years to come. It just takes the right kind of manager to ensure this happens, and CSU's online tourism management master's program gives you the insight and training you need to become just that.

What You Learn

By teaching a "whole system" approach—one that recognizes the value of people and resources as much as it does the importance of profit— this tourism management master's prepares you to step into the industry with a unique, and valuable, perspective.

Throughout the course of study, you obtain the tools to lead a financially sound business, develop strong management skills, and, beyond that, gain insight into the bigger picture. Learn about tourism's impact on natural resources and global communities, and learn to apply theories and develop strategies that will ensure a more sustainable future for the industry and for the world.

When you earn your master's in tourism management, you gain the skills to not only further your career, but to make a meaningful impact on the world while doing something you love.

Build Your Knowledge of Ski Area Tourism

If you are interested in learning more about tourism in the ski industry, you may replace up to six credits with courses in ski area management. See the Requirements and Curriculum page for details.

More About the Program

Taught by the same faculty and following the same curriculum as the on-campus program, CSU's online tourism management master's allows you to earn the same degree as on-campus students, but with the flexibility you need in your busy life.

What Next?