Applied Statistics Master of Applied Statistics (M.A.S.)

Degree Overview

Colorado State University’s online Master of Applied Statistics degree focuses on two outcomes — sharpening your ability to determine and apply statistical procedures to data, and providing you opportunities to effectively communicate statistical findings.

Why Study Applied Statistics

Demand for adept statisticians is mounting as nearly every industry relies more heavily upon data to guide decisions. Hone your skills and become an essential resource to meet this need with CSU’s online applied statistics master’s program. Develop a breadth of tools to help you to apply your analytic skills to design effective studies, make inferences from raw data, and translate those inferences into meaningful contexts.

What You Learn

Prepare to meet the growing demands of today’s data-dominated employment landscape, and become more equipped to make an impact in nearly any industry, in nearly any situation where people need answers. This program helps you learn to ask the right questions, so you can accurately design and implement measurement instruments, and produce precise and meaningful results. It also helps you develop your abilities to measure, control, and communicate uncertainty, as well as effectively present your findings to help guide organizational, scientific, and societal advances.

More About the Program

Our online applied statistics master’s is taught by the same faculty and features the same curriculum as our on-campus program, and it allows you to earn the same degree as our on-campus students. Considered a terminal degree, this program is intended for those who plan to pursue a career outside of academia, rather than pursue a Ph.D.

What Next?

Not ready for the full program yet? Get started with a certificate

We also offer an Applied Statistics Certificate and a Data Analysis Certificate, both of which allow you to earn University credit and improve your skills without the commitment of a full degree program. Certificates are shorter, focus on the core subject matter, and do not require admission to the University. Coursework completed as part of these certificate programs can later be applied to your M.A.S. per University transfer policy, should you be accepted to the program.

  • On-campus option

    The Department of Statistics also offers a Master of Applied Statistics which can be completed on campus in Fort Collins, CO.