Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts

Degree Overview

Hear Professor Kevin Foskin explain how CSU's online liberal arts degree helps you develop your communication, critical thinking, and analytical skills so you can advance in your career.

The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts program combines coursework in communications, economics, political science, sociology, and humanities to provide a broad-based liberal arts education. Through this well-rounded curriculum, you learn effective writing and verbal communication, problem solving, and analytical thinking skills. Our liberal arts degree prepares you to apply for a range of opportunities and positions in a variety of industries.

This flexible online liberal arts degree program allows you to select courses that best suit your interests and career objectives. You can pursue an educational experience that is stimulated by your interests in the subject you most enjoy. After building a foundation in a broad range of skills, you are prepared to specialize in a discipline specific to your career pursuits by completing a degree minor.

This bachelor's degree completion program, the first online liberal arts degree to be offered from a Colorado university, broadens your opportunities to get a high quality education that is flexible enough to fit into your life—no matter where you live, what your schedule is, or where you are in your life and career.

Seven Minors Make It Flexible

In addition to foundational coursework, a minor is required for completion of the program. Students are able to choose from seven minors, including business administration, sociology, anthropology, economics, media studies, political science, and gerontology, allowing you to tailor your degree to your personal interests and career goals.

What Next?