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Career and Technical Authorization/Credential Questions

What types of Career and Technical Authorizations are there?

There are two types, a three year (also known as "Initial") Career and Techical Education (CTE) Authorization and a five year authorization. As stated on the Colorado Department of Education website:

"The CTE 3 year authorization is available to applicants who meet the educational and occupational requirements for the particular CTE credential they are seeking, but have not met the requirements for issuance of a professional 5 year CTE. This Initial Authorization can only be issued once and is non-renewable. Upon issuance of the Initial three year CTE Authorization, CDE will assign any specific Career and Technical Education courses that are required to move to a five year authorization."

What is the credential and added pathway?

A credential is the content area that attaches to your CTE Authorization or links to your professional license. An added pathway is a credential in a secondary content area. The requirements for a credential and an added pathway within a given content area are the same.

When applying for credentials within a CTE Authorization, you will be expected to describe to the department how your experience (course credit, professional development, work experience, school/district in-service, etc.) meets the requirements and expectations listed within the credential. Plan to detail your background and persuade the department that those experiences have given you the breadth and depth required for the given content area.

Am I eligible to receive Colorado Career and Technical Act (CTA) funds?

To earn a CTE Authorization, teach in an approved CTE program, and seek reimbursement through Colorado Career and Technical Act (CTA) funds, you must have a valid CTE credential. As listed on each credential worksheet for each content area, you must meet three requirements to earn a credential: (1) hold a valid teaching license; (2) complete 24 semester hours from a regionally accredited postsecondary institution with a maximum of six semester hours of documented professional development or work experience, or pass a PLACE exam within the chosen content area; and (3) provide evidence of occupational or teaching experience. CSU offers coursework in all CTE credential areas to help you meet the second requirement.

Does CDE have further resources?

Depending on your type of Career and Technical Education (CTE) application, there are FAQ documents specific to your needs. Click on the type of application process you are inquiring about to see a specific set of answer tailored for you.

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