Foundations of 3D Printing

Get an introduction to the foundations of 3D printing, and explore the technologies and software involved so you can decide what kind of 3D printing process will work for you and your organization.

Take 3D printing classes online to earn digital badges

By providing more efficient ways to turn ideas into objects, 3D printing is revolutionizing product design, development, and manufacturing across industries. Learn more about this technological advancement, and earn digital badges to demonstrate your knowledge to employers, with this series of online 3D printing courses.

Explore 3D printing technology

One of the only training opportunities of its kind, this online program helps you understand:

  • The purpose and foundations of 3D printing (also known as additive manufacturing).
  • Related technologies, such as 3D scanning and 3D software used in product development.
  • The many types of additive manufacturing machines used commercially and for research.
  • The additive manufacturing process and workflow, and the future of personal 3D printing.

The program features four courses that should be taken sequentially:

To sign up for the Mastery Badge – which includes all four 3D printing classes – and receive the most value, register for EGBB 3016.

For each course you successfully complete, you will earn a digital badge that you can add to your resume, e-portfolio, and social media profiles to demonstrate your competency in the subject.

Who should take this program?

Ideal for anyone who wants to understand the foundations and processes of 3D printing technology, this program helps you learn about the benefits and challenges of various technologies on the market today, and how to choose the best processes to develop different types of products.

Use this as an opportunity to learn how to integrate 3D printing into your business or personal projects, or to gain a better understanding of the technology in order to use it in a classroom setting. Subject matter applies to those in a wide range of disciplines, including:

  • healthcare,
  • art,
  • engineering,
  • and education.

These 3D printing classes are especially beneficial for those involved in STEM education, as most middle schools and high schools are beginning to add 3D printing to their curricula.

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