Digital Badges

As you pursue new interests and grow in your career, there is always a need to build skills and knowledge. Earning a degree or certificate is one way to develop your proficiencies — but a formal program isn't always right for every person or situation.

That's why CSU offers online digital badges — to provide more flexible ways to learn and earn credentials.

Earn badges online from CSU

CSU Extension Certified Gardener Program

Based on the Colorado Master Gardener℠ curriculum, the CSU Extension Certified Gardener Program is your opportunity to learn essential gardening techniques, and become an authority for sharing your gardening know-how. Designed to be flexible and structured around your needs, this training allows you to earn digital badges by taking individual courses, groups of courses, or completing the full program.

Foundations of 3D Printing

3D printing — also known as additive manufacturing — is revolutionizing the way we turn ideas into objects. In this online program, learn about the basic principles and processes involved with this technological advancement, and earn digital badges to demonstrate your knowledge.

Goodwill Industries of Denver's Essential Soft Skills for Employment Program

Develop the professional and people skills needed to help you get, and keep, a job. Take courses in areas including communication, teamwork, stress management, and conflict resolution, and earn digital badges to show employers you have what it takes to succeed in the workplace.

What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is a visual representation of skills or knowledge you have gained. You earn a digital badge each time you successfully complete one of a variety of our short online courses.

CSU's digital badge programs allow you to customize your education to meet your specific needs and interests. Take the courses you want to take, and build your own unique set of credentials.

Badges earned through CSU are organized in a hierarchy that you can build upon:

Trek Badges – Earn Trek Badges for each single course completed.

Quest Badges – Earn Quest Badges for completing either a single course or a group of courses, depending on the program.

Mastery Badge – Earn a Mastery Badge upon completion of all courses within a program.

How can CSU's digital badges be used?

Once you earn them, you can share your digital badges among your professional and personal network. Display them on your resume, online portfolio, website, and social media pages.

The badges you display in digital locations are clickable, linking to where they are stored in Mozilla Backpack. This allows others to see details about what you learned, and that your credentials were earned from CSU. Think of this as an alternative to transcripts.

Who can earn digital badges online?

Anyone can earn digital badges. They are not for academic credit, and do not require you to complete prerequisites or apply to the University. Simply enroll in a course, learn new skills, and immediately share them to demonstrate what you have learned.

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