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Digital Badges

CSU's digital badge programs allow you to customize your education to meet your specific needs and interests.

What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is a visual representation of skills or knowledge you have gained. You earn badges each time you successfully complete one of CSU’s online digital badge courses. Take only the courses you want to take, and build your own unique set of credentials.

Badges earned through CSU are organized in a hierarchy that you can build upon:

  • Trek Badges are earned for each single course completed.
  • Quest Badges are earned for completing either a single course or a group of courses, depending on the program.
  • A Mastery Badge is earned upon completion of all courses within a program.

Note: Purchasing the full mastery badge bundle provides additional savings, if you plan to take all courses in a badge program.

How are digital badges used?

Once you earn them, your digital badges will be stored on the Badgr platform. Each badge includes data about the course(s) you completed and what you studied. After completing a badge, you will receive a notification to claim your badge on Badgr. Once you create an account, you will be able to display badges you’ve earned on your PDF resume, online portfolio, website, and social media pages. Badges are clickable, allowing others to see details about what you learned, and that your credentials were earned from CSU.

Who can earn digital badges?

Anyone can earn digital badges. They are not for academic credit, and do not require you to complete prerequisites or apply to the University.

When you're ready, simply enroll in a badge course or series of courses and start learning new skills right away. Complete coursework on your time whenever it fits into your schedule.