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Land Stewardship From CSU Extension


Discover strategies to manage your land now and plan for the future. Learn how to manage the water, soil, air, plants, and animals on your property in a more sustainable way.

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Those who own, live on, and manage small-acreage properties are responsible for a variety of natural resources, including soil, water, air, plants, and animals (SWAPA). It is important to manage these resources sustainably to ensure the land remains healthy for crop and animal production, ecological diversity, and preservation for future generations. The Land Stewardship program offers online training to help you understand the fundamentals of sustainable land and resource management.

Learn skills to manage your land now and plan for the future. This online land management training program features seven courses, each designed to provide knowledge related to maintaining the quality and abundance of lands in Colorado and across the Western United States. In this program, you have an opportunity to:

  • Develop S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely) goals for your property, and learn about the dynamic relationships between soil, water, air, plants, animals, humans, and energy (SWAPA + HE).
  • Learn the fundamentals of physical, chemical, and biological properties of soils, including soil fertility and soil texture.
  • Understand the relationship between humans and water quality, become familiar with the major laws created to protect our water, and learn how you can protect water resources on your property.
  • Develop a pasture management plan and explore how grasses and pasture plants grow.
  • Learn to identify, prevent, and the manage weeds on your property.
  • Learn how water and habitat can attract wildlife, and understand tools for deterring wildlife.
  • Develop a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan for your family, house, pets, livestock, and property.

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Who can benefit from this program?

This online program is ideal for anyone who owns or manages property in Colorado or the Western United States, including:

  • Small acreage land owners
  • Farm operators
  • Urban and rural hobby farmers
  • Gardeners and horticulturalists
  • Landscapers and property managers
  • Other land-based agricultural professionals

What are digital badges and how do they work?

Digital badges are visual representations of new knowledge you have gained. You earn badges each time you successfully complete one of CSU’s online digital badge courses. Take only the courses you want to take, and build your own unique set of credentials.

Courses in this program are self-paced. Study on your own schedule, and customize your learning experience to match your individual goals. Take all courses to earn your Mastery Badge, or take only the courses you're most interested in.

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