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Land Stewardship From CSU Extension


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Full Program (Mastery Badge)

To earn the CSU Extension Land Stewardship Mastery Badge, you must complete all Quest and Trek Badges. To sign up for the Mastery Badge, and receive the most value, register for NRBB 1010.

NRBB 1010 – CSU Extension Land Stewardship (Mastery Badge) | $289.00

Quest Bundles

Quest badge bundles allow you to sign-up for multiple courses at once and receive discounted pricing. Bundles are designed to increase depth in specific subject areas.

  • NRBB 1020: Quest Badge 1: Stewardship Planning and Sustainability | $126.00
    • Bundle includes:
      • NRBB 1021 – Stewardship Planning and Sustainability: Inventory Resources
      • NRBB 1022 – Soil: The Basics
      • NRBB 1023 – Water: The Basics

The Stewardship Planning and Sustainability Quest Badge consists of three courses dedicated to various aspects of stewardship and sustainability. Participants will be introduced to the dynamic relationships between natural resources (soil, water, plants, animals, air, and humans) and explore challenges unique to their property — soil health and water security, specifically.

Participants will:

  • Develop S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely) goals for their property.
  • Utilize tools to understand driving variables in the systems that help inform land management decisions.
  • Learn the fundamentals of soil health and management (physical, chemical, and biological properties of soils).
  • Learn five soil health principles and how they work as a sustainable approach to long-term soil health.
  • Explore how water laws guarantee security, assure reliability, and create flexibility in the development and protection of water resources in Colorado.

  • NRBB 1030: Quest Badge 2: Managing Forage Plants and Noxious Weeds | $90.00
    • Bundle includes:
      • NRBB 1031 – Management of Forage Plants
      • NRBB 1032 – Management of Invasive and Noxious Weeds

The Managing Forage Plants and Noxious Weeds Quest Badge consists of two courses: Management of Forage Plants, and Management of Invasive and Noxious Weeds. Together, these courses tackle issues such as reseeding, balancing livestock needs with the needs of the pasture, grazing strategies, pasture establishment and renovation options, as well as weed management, and integrated pest management principles.

Participants will:

  • Develop a pasture management plan.
  • Explore how grasses and pasture plants grow.
  • Identify specific grass and forb species, understand their life cycles and growth patterns, and apply that understanding to basic principles of grazing management.
  • Learn to identify, prevent, and the manage weeds on their property.
  • Learn integrated pest management (IPM) principles in which mechanical, biological, and chemical controls are discussed.
  • Explore organic control options, as well as chemical controls.

  • NRBB 1040: Quest Badge 3: Wildlife Management and Emergency Preparedness | $90.00
    • Bundle includes:
      • NRBB 1043 – Management of Colorado Wildlife
      • NRBB 1044 – Emergency Preparedness

The Wildlife Management and Emergency Preparedness Quest Badge consists of two courses: Management of Wildlife in Colorado, and Emergency Preparedness. Management of Wildlife tackles issues such as: types of wildlife (permanent, seasonal, and migratory residents), types of diseases that wildlife can bring to the area, and how to attract and deter wildlife. Emergency Preparedness focuses on safeguarding yourself and your family in an emergency. In this the course, you will identify and discuss risks to your property and develop a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan.

Participants will:

  • Learn how to identify wildlife that are permanent, seasonal, or migratory residents.
  • Identify diseases that wildlife can carry.
  • Understand the needs and habits of local wildlife.
  • Learn how water and habitat are important components to attracting wildlife, and the tools necessary for deterring wildlife.
  • Identify risks on their property and surrounding areas.
  • Develop an emergency preparedness plan.

Individual Courses

You're in control. Pick individual courses based on your interest and need. Each individual course earned will apply toward the Mastery badge.