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Continuing Education FAQ's

What payment options are there? 

Learners have the option to pay for courses by credit card, sponsor payment (employer), or by cash.

Is there financial aid?

Unfortunately, noncredit courses are not eligible for financial aid. However, some of the noncredit courses have been approved for funding through different Workforce centers throughout the state of Colorado, for Colorado residents.

How can my employer pay for the class? 

  • If your course tuition and fees are paid by your employer or another third party, you can request billing from a sponsor. After registering, submit official documentation stating the courses and expenses that are to be paid by your sponsor. Your sponsor's name, billing address, employer contact, phone number, and email address must appear on this document.
  • Send your sponsor tuition assistance documentation to us by email or fax.
  • Email:
    • Sponsor authorization documentation must be received within 7 days to confirm your registration. If documentation is not received, the student is responsible for paying or withdrawing from the course.
    • You will receive registration confirmation for your course(s) once an official letter or other authorizing documents are received and processed.
    • Sponsor payments must be received for the current term in order for you to be eligible to continue enrollment in subsequent terms.
  • In any sponsor billing arrangement, the learner is ultimately responsible for payment of university charges, including any amount not covered by the sponsor. If a sponsor fails to pay any amount invoiced, those charges are transferred back to the learner account and are due immediately.

Can I still enroll if the registration is closed? 

Once course registration has closed, students must wait to register for future course offerings. However, many of the noncredit courses have multiple offerings throughout the year. For future course dates, refer to the course page(s) you're interested in.

What is the difference between Certified Gardener, Green School, and Master Gardener? 

  • Certified Gardener is an open-entry online badging program offered by the Office of Engagement and Extension’s Professional Education. The program includes 16 self-paced courses whereby learners earn digital badges by obtaining 80% or better on a final assessment in each course.
  • Green School allows you to experience the Master Gardener courses – either as a full course (14 classes) or a bundled short course (5 classes organized around a theme). It’s a Colorado-specific horticulture training without the volunteer commitment.
  • The Extension Master Gardener Volunteer program requires a completed application, interview, background check, training fees, and a 50-hour volunteer commitment to your local county in the first year. The Extension Master Gardener Volunteer’s audience is exclusively home gardeners, including landscape plants, turfgrass, trees, house plants, vegetable gardens, and greenhouses. Types of volunteer service include answering phone calls and emails at county Extension offices, staffing diagnostic clinics, teaching gardening classes, writing newspaper and website articles, and mentoring community gardening and greening projects. Learn more here.

Can I get my access extended?

Access can be extended on a case-by-case basis - at the discretion of the instructor.

Do you accept the Segal AmeriCorps Award? 

Yes, we do accept the Segal AmeriCorps Award. Register by following the sponsor payment method on our website. Additionally, you must place an Education Award Payment request in your account on the Americorps website to Colorado State University.

When is the payment due?

Payment is due at the time of registration.

Is there a waitlist?

There is no waitlist. Professional Education courses operate on a first come, first served basis.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have access to open-entry courses for one year.

How do I log in to Canvas?

  • To access your noncredit course in Canvas:
    1. Go to CSU Canvas and select "Noncredit Login."
    2. Enter your noncredit Canvas user name in the "User name" field.
    3. Enter your Noncredit Canvas password in the "Password" field.
    4. Click "Log in" to continue.
    5. A list of the courses you are enrolled in will be displayed. Open any course by clicking on its title.
  • Open entry courses are available immediately in Canvas. Other courses are not available until the first day of class. Get better acquainted with Canvas by checking out: Canvas student resources.
  • If you have forgotten your Canvas username, it is listed in your student profile when you log in to your CSU Online account. If you continue to have problems logging in, contact:

How do I register?

  • Registration for free noncredit courses requires no payment at the time of registration. However, the entire registration process will need to be completed in order to confirm your seat in the course and gain access to the course.
  • First, add courses you want to register for to "My Courses" and click the "Begin Registration" button. You will be required to sign in or create a new account with Colorado State University Online. Learn more about "My Account" here.