Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty Resources

Who do I contact about offering a new online course or program?

To offer a new course or program online, contact the appropriate Program Director:

Graduate Courses and Programs (by College)

Agricultural Sciences Alysha Tarantino (970) 491-2419
Business Scott Woods (970) 492-4741
Engineering Scott Woods (970) 492-4741
Health and Human Sciences Karima Bounini (303) 376-2617
Liberal Arts Alysha Tarantino (970) 491-2419
Natural Resources Karima Bounini (303) 376-2617
Natural Sciences Scott Woods (970) 492-4741
Vet Med and Biomedical Sciences Alysha Tarantino (970) 491-2419

Undergraduate Courses and Programs

All Colleges Alysha Tarantino (970) 491-2419

Noncredit Programs

All Noncredit Programs Pat Gannon (970) 491-7320

Who do I contact for assistance with my existing online course?

For assistance with your online course, contact your Program Manager.

What are the University Curriculum Committee deadlines for approving a course or program for online delivery?

Visit the CSU Curriculum and Catalog Unit website for curriculum deadlines.

How do I process overrides to allow students into my course?

You can process an overrides in ARIESweb for online courses the same you would for RI/campus courses.

How can I arrange to record my class or lecture?

Visit the Echo360 Help website to learn about lecture capture technology and to request a recording.

Important: If you want to offer your course online for the first time, reach out to the appropriate Program Director (see above) and discuss your options.

How can I learn more about the best practices for teaching online?

Enroll in Best Practices and Strategies for Online Teaching and Facilitation, a self-paced course designed for sharing tools and best practices for online course delivery.

Where can I find Canvas support and resources?

Visit the CSU Canvas website to learn more about the tools available for instructors in Canvas.

Where can I find resources on course accessibility requirements?

CSU provides resources and guidelines to ensure all electronic and information technology is accessible to staff and students regardless of ability, including courses offered in Canvas.

Where can I find information about proctoring?

Visit the University Testing Center website to learn more about online proctoring services available for online courses.

Where can I explore professional development opportunities for faculty offered by CSU?

Visit The Institute for Learning and Teaching website to explore a wide range of topics designed to enhance professional growth and personal enrichment.

Where can I find employment opportunities to teach online at CSU?

All faculty positions are hired through CSU academic units and colleges. Visit the CSU Jobs website to browse employment opportunities at CSU.

What is the Student Conduct Code and how can I ensure academic integrity in my online course?

Visit the The Institute for Learning and Teaching website to learn more about academic integrity issues and the resources and tools to support a high quality learning environment.

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