Introducing Feminist Frameworks

Feminist Frameworks Online Training from CSU

Online training in feminist theory, gender, and diversity

This online, two-course program provides personal and professional development opportunities for those interested in learning more about intersectional feminism and associated concepts. Going beyond what is typically covered in introductory trainings on gender, diversity, and inclusion, this program advances critical understandings of feminism, intersectionality, gender, and systems of oppression.

Students will engage with feminist theory and scholarship by women about social identities, power, privilege, and injustice to develop a more robust understanding of foundational concepts and practices for personal, political, and social change.

Digital badges demonstrate knowledge

Upon successful completion of each course, students are awarded a digital badge, which can be added to resumes, email signatures, and social media pages. Badges illustrate to others the competencies learned in a course. Learn more about how digital badging works.

Online structure offers flexibility

Courses in this program are open for enrollment on a rolling basis, and are self-paced. Students may enroll in one or both of the courses in the program. Please note that noncredit courses do not produce academic credit or appear on a Colorado State University academic transcript.